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Inside Outdoor | SUMMER 2018 8 Numbers Worth Noting DATA POINTS $7,610,350 The amount being abandoned in online carts every minute. Compare this to the $10,844,749 spent on retail every minute, and you can see why so many retailers are pushing to streamline online checkout using new technologies such as blockchain. Right now more than $7.5 million is being left on the table every 60 seconds. Swimming with Scouts More evidence that swimming in natural settings might be an underdeveloped segment within the outdoor industry: “Swimming outdoors” is the most-enjoyed outdoor experi- ence among scouts surveyed by Girls Scouts. Personalization is In Struggling to sell generic apparel? You may want to start offering more customized merchan- dise. Interest is rapidly growing in personalized clothing and acces- sories, according to new research from YouGov. When it comes to packaging, what do you find the MOST irritating or annoying? Source: Shorr Packaging Corp. Girls’ Rating of Their Top 10 Most Enjoyable Outdoor Experiences in Girl Scouts Source: Girl Scout Research Institute The price premium of good customer experience Q: How much more would you pay for the following product or service if the company provides a great customer experience? 13% 19% 55% 4% 8% Damaged packaging but not the item Ecessive packaging Packaging that is hard to open Non-recyclable packaging Ugly packaging Camping Playing Outdoors Field Trips to Outdoor Places Swimming Outdoors Outdoor Cooking Horseback Riding Archery Walking Outdoors Environmental Volunteering Canoeing/Kayaking 72 60 58 78 55 73 64 38 42 54 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Enjoy a lot Enjoy Other responses Coffee Hotel Stay Annual Physical Sports Ticket Dinner Feeling Abandoned? Source: Domo 67% sof consumers …would pay more to personalize apparel and footwear. 29% …currently have personalized apparel or footwear. 22% …said personalization is a “top interest” for them. Source: YouGov