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Inside Outdoor | SUMMER 2018 76 Ingredients W ater is a fun- damental ele- ment of outdoor recreation. Fast flowing white- water, mirror smooth flatwater or puddles from an afternoon thunderstorm have in- spired generations of outdoor enthu- siasts to get wet. An iconic outdoor brand, Chaco has led the paddlesports indus- try with innovations in fit, product durability and sustainable design. Launched in 1989, Chaco has a long history of protecting American wa- tersheds. Celebrating its 30th anni- versary, Chaco is taking a significant step to reduce water pollution related to the manufacturing of straps for the brand’s signature sandals. Partnering with the team at e.dye Waterless Color System adds another layer of commitment to that effort by reducing water pol- lution related to the manufactur- ing of straps for the brand’s iconic footwear. Traditional fabric dyeing technology adds color to the outside of the yarn. The process requires 3 gallons of water per yard and uses toxic chemicals in color binding and results in high CO2 emissions. Chaco is partnering with e-dye Waterless Color System to dye yarns without a single drop of wa- ter. “Through experimentation and experience, we’ve mastered a pro- cess called solution dyeing – e.dye requires absolutely no water to dye synthetics. In addition to water sav- ings, e-dye’s process requires less energy, reduces C02 emissions and limits the chemicals used in traditional production processes,” says Michael Murphy, global sales and marketing director, e-dye Waterless Color System. “e.dye is a waterless color system. It does not waste a drop of water in its dyeing process,” adds Brittany Ash- croft, product line manager, Chaco. “Our brand was born on the water, whitewater specifically, it shapes us and still influences our product in- sights. We care about our environment and the wild places our consumers enjoy – places that present new per- spectives and personal growth. “Whether we are innovating around durability, recycled product, or dying processes, we are always looking to grow and improve,” says Ashcroft. Reducing water pollution isn’t the only way e-dye’s Waterless Color System process reduces environ- mental impact. Gold Lion is e-dye’s partner in manufacturing straps for Chaco. “The most attractive part of e.dye to us is not water saving, it is about significantly reducing water pollution, using less harmful chemi- cal and lowering CO2 emission. As a manufacturer, we have the responsi- bility for sustainability for our future generations,” says Stephanie Law, merchandising manager, Gold Lion Webbing MFG., Ltd. Ashcroft adds, “By utilizing e.dye’ s product we’ve improved upon our already mindful product and took it another step further by saving about 0.9 kWh in energy consumption and 2.5 liters of water per pair of sandals produced. That’s roughly the equivalent of running a light bulb for 15 hours and filling a standard Chaco shoebox with water. This choice reinforces our brand val- ues while maintaining our premium performance promise.” Every model in Chaco’s 30th Anniversary Collection will feature straps made with yarns created with e-dye’s Waterless Color Sys- tem process. Water Shed Chaco and e-dye Waterless Color System partner to reduce water pollution Chaco e-Dye Webbing